Thursday, June 08, 2006

Micah is very very sneaky

Micah, being the wonderful husband that he is, decided to throw me a birthday party. We usually keep Thursday nights free for our “date night” so, like always, I was getting ready to curl up on the couch with my tea for the evening. Until there was a loud knock at the window. Micah ran to the door to get it and when I got to the door there were all our friends ready to shout Surprise!!! We had such a fun evening with, of course, lots of food.

Micah and Stephen turned the TV around so they could play video games while us girls did what all girls do….chit chat!

I was blessed to have my friends come over and I was very blessed with all the wonderful gifts they brought. After we ate our ice cream sandwiches and our treatza pizza from DQ, we had a time of prayer. It was a wonderful 23rd birthday!!!

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T.C. said...

happy belated birthday!